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Thanks Cooper Vision for using a terrible service to issue rebates on a prepaid card to your loyal customers. It is 12/2017.

I activated the card today and it advised me there was 0 balance on the automated line. How is that possible it was never used. I transferred to a live party. He advise this has been happening a lot.

(deceptive practice?, how many people just throw the card away thinking they used it?) He looked up my card and advised there was 51.00 dollars remaining of the 60 dollars due to 3 dollar a month charge after the expiration date of 8/17. The card had a 6 month life ? what a frikken joke. Then he advised he would have to resend a new card for a charge of over 6 dollars (I have a card but its no good now because of the 6 month expiration period.

I am contemplating notification to the Attorney General of Missouri, BBB, and Consumer protection statutes.

There are current laws regarding gift cards not being Able to expire or have penalties. This is outrageous.

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